Why settle for the same old boring jump houses and slides? Make your party one that everyone loves with FOAM!

Young or old, everyone can join in the fun. With bubbles as mild as baby shampoo, no need to worry about irritation, everyone can join in!

We'll bring a custom made giant foam cannon and of course a sound system for great tunes. You just need to supply a power outlet, a water spigot, and a place for us to shoot the foam for a massive pile, then it's time to PARTY!

Foam parties are the almost perfect way to have a safe fun party in these times of COVID-19. Our foam cannon operators are never less than six feet from party participants. The party takes place outdoors. The bubble solution is a secret recipe of soap and water (albeit compressed through a foam cannon), and we've been telling our kids to "wash your hands" for months and because our foam cannon is able to cover a 20 x 20 foot area your guests can "distance" according to their parents wishes!

$495 for the first hour.

$95 for each additional 30 minutes

Add a 30 minute magic show for just $195