Print, cut, and perform! A complete magic kit ready to download.

Paper Magic Tricks is a collection of simple, amazing magic tricks that you can learn, make, and perform with nothing more than a printed paper, scissors, and glue. Perfect for a rainy-day activity by yourself, or at home with your family.

You can purchase the kit and learn on your own, or you can make it an event and invite The Great Gordini and others to join in for a live magic lesson on Zoom (or other online platform of your choosing).

Recommended for ages 8 and up. The tricks aren't just for kids, though. Plenty of fun to be found for adults who enjoy a creative challenge.

Here you have an entire magic kit that you can print out and make at home. You will need:

  • A printer (color or black-and-white)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Everything has been designed to be easy to make. Generally, this course is well suited for anyone ages 8 and up. A person who is comfortable using scissors will be able to make all the required pieces.

In this Paper Magic Tricks course you will find nine lessons, each one teaching a magic trick, stunt, or routine. Each lesson will include:

  • Downloads to print and make the required props.
  • Video performances and demonstrations so you can see what it looks like
  • Videos to show the props being made, step by step.
  • Complete tutorial videos for you to learn how to perform each trick.
  • Plus extra ideas, thoughts, and creative challenges for you.

The pages are designed for US Letter sized paper. 8.5 x 11 inches. This is the most common in Canada and the United States. If you need to print on different sized paper, the prints can be resized without causing any issues. For best results, it is ideal to print on a high quality "presentation" paper (27 to 30 lbs.) which is slightly thicker than standard copy paper (20 lbs.)

It is easiest if you have the ability to print double-sided; on the front and back of your paper. Your printer may do this automatically, or you can do it manually by feeding the paper through twice. In most cases, any double-sided printing is optional, for decoration only. It is only the "Brick Buster" file that must be printed double-sided to accomplish the magic trick.

Full color pages are available for you to simply print and perform. Black and white pages are provided to suit your printer, or if you'd prefer to color and decorate your own magic props. (highly encouraged!)

Paper Magic Self Paced course - $29 (Canadian)

Paper Magic Live Virtual Lesson - $225 (Canadian)

  • You receive the downloads in advance so you can assemble the kit and be ready to go.
  • You invite me to your virtual event (zoom or any other virtual platform) for a lesson using the Paper Magic Kit lasting up to 45 minutes
  • I'll choose some of my favorite tricks or you can specify which ones you'd like to include, and we'll do as many as time permits.

If you have any questions, or need assistance with any lessons, please do send a message to for help.

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